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Veteran Tree Care in Northumberland

veteran tree care in northumberland.

This veteran Sycamore tree is at least 300 years old and located in a churchyard in Holystone. It is within the Northumberland National Park where we carry out a large amount of veteran tree care.

This tree has a great deal of amenity value. Due to its location, some remedial work was unavoidable. The specification was based on the tree’s current condition after carefully assessing each union during an aerial assessment. This helped ensure that no more(or less) was removed than totally necessary. Approximately 30% of the growth was removed along with any deadwood that was likely to fall. Due to this being a veteran tree, the job was handled carefully over 2-3 days, taking extra special care not to damage any of the growth being retained.

Thanks to the remedial pruning, this tree should now stand for at least another 100 years.


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